Wednesday, 23 March 2011


Eating a sausage while waiting to board.
One person manpowered jigger.

Fellow parishoner, Guard John.

"DG" loco, I used to work on these as part of my apprenticeship.

On to the turntable in preparation for the return journey.

Two men, one loco.

Passing cars, Weka Pass

Very narrow cuttings through the Pass as they were all done with pick,shovel and wheelbarrow.

Tuesday, 22 March 2011


A happy chappy bickys at the beach. (Sumner)

Lynn at cave Sumner Beach.

Flagstaff Hill, Sumner before the 22 Feb earthquake. It is somewhat different now.

Robin Judkins, Mr Coast to Coast finishing.

Speights Coast to Coast finish line Sumner Beach.

Thankfully the worst of the earthquake damage in Lynn's house especially when you hear the sad and heartrending stories one month later.

Exterior wall.

Happy in her lot preparing to make pear crumble for charity. Pears off Lynn's tree.

Not so sure.

The end result ready for 1oo plus diners at St Chad's earthquake welfare centre where we helped the following day.