Wednesday, 3 February 2010


Hayes Engineering Works.

Left to right, original homestead now a cafe and AV centre, office now used as a museum and the workshops in the background.

Workshops are still in working order, originally powered by a windmill then later replaced by a water driven Pelton wheel which turned fast and loose pulleys for the machines and an electric generator which provided power for both the workshop and the homestead.

Stables & harness room.

Long bed lathe, like most of the machines all made on site.

Bird poop & pulleys.


Still being sold and used around the world!

Milk separator in the dairy, something she can relate to.

The homestead, all built from mud/dung/straw bricks which were made on site. The van in the background belongs to the custodians, our friends Vic & Marg.

East side of homestead with all the garden paths and borders still there. We would love to have the job of developing the gardens back to their original state but it would all have to be done on a voluntary basis which we can't afford to do at present.


The first flush toilet in Maniatoto

Monday, 1 February 2010


Macraes Flat

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The main pit. Each bench is 12 metres high and there are another six benches which are not visible to the bottom of the pit.

A very large water tanker trying to do battle with the never ending dust.

Haul Truck, payload 191 tonnes, cost from memory 1.7 million dollars. They have 19 of these.

Haul truck tyre, 3.3 metres diameter!!

Impoundment pond. This is a an old mining pit where the waste from the processing plant is poured. This contains a lot of chemicals including arsenic. It is then treated and purified and the leachate from this then transferred to another lake where trout are kept to ensure that the treated water is pure. Once the pit is full it is covered with topsoil and reinstated to its original natural state.

Processing plant where the gold is refined and made into ingots. Of course we weren't allowed anywhere near there.