Saturday, 29 September 2007


A view from the deck.

A view from and working in the kitchen.

We have been here in Henderson Valley 0n a 10 acre block now for four weeks with another two to go before the owners arrive back from a trip to England. Our main responsibilites here have been looking after a small herd of five beef stock which basically means moving them from paddock to paddock every few days, ensuring that the water supply is working and and that the electric fences are throbbing away.
We have also had to ensure that the whims and foibles of one grumpy and camera shy cat are met and apart from that it has just been enjoying the country lifestyle and looking forward to more sunny days as summer approaches.

Tuesday, 4 September 2007


Waimauku has come to an end and we have moved on but more on our new destination later. It was a wrench leaving as we found the place an idyllic retreat after a day at work and did love the animals that were left in our care.

Another bonus was the native bush that was on the property and during our last weekend there we spent a couple of hours in its environs and enjoying all that comes being in what it must have been like for the early New Zealanders living in this lush country of ours.