Thursday, 23 October 2008


Buying lunch on the Earnslaw.
One tonne of coal an hour!

Arriving at Walter Peak Station.

Mounting up ready for a whole new adventure as neither of us had been on a horse since our ages were still in the single digits.



Me & "My Love" on Abba & Rosie.

Just one small section of the large beautiful gardens.

Interior Walter Peak Station

Earnslaw arriving at Walter Peak to return us to Queenstown.

Wednesday, 22 October 2008


Our recently excavated new site on a staff property just across the road from Creeksyde which we will come back to after our trip North. Since this was taken it has been raked and grass seed sown which I am watering each day so hopefully we will have a good sward of grass on it by the time we park the "Truck" on it.
Seeing paragliders flying around is almost old hat but you don't often see this many grouped so close together.

Creeksyde motel units.

A view of the Remarkables as we walk from Creeksyde to town.

At our monthly staff meetings they have raffle draws and Raewyn won a free dinner at Finz Restaurant on the Steamer Wharf as well as two free movie tickets. I won a lollipop!

This is us cashing in on the dinner and the meal was very, very nice and as you can see a wonderful outlook from the premises.

Earnslaw from our table.

Remarkables from our dinner table.

Lake Wakatipu after dinner.

Thursday, 2 October 2008


Biding time waiting for the parade to start after the rain & snow.
One of the many bands


This kid, at the start of the parade was "too scared" to leave his mother but once he saw Elmo he was off out into the middle of the road to meet him. When Elmo had his attention diverted elswhere and walked passed him the kid just stood rigid in of the parade and yelled his head off, so funny. Fortunately Elmo heard him, came back, gave him a hug and a felt flower. The outcome was one very happy kid and highly entertaining for the onlookers.

Blossom Festival Queen

The Red Hat Ladies