Thursday, 29 May 2008

WHOA!! IN THE SNOW!!! Coronet Peak

A post snow beer at Arthurs Point pub.
A couple of "My Loves" arty shots.

"Creeksyde" where we live and work from Coronet Peak. We are right in the bottom of the valley that is in shadow and as you can imagine only get about 4 hours sunshine at this time of the year.

Oh the excitement, oh the joy!

Trusty & much loved "Towa" powering up to the summit on all her 850cc's.

Our first time in the snow for about 35 years. Note "My Loves" trendy new $15 hoodie from Glassons.

Wednesday, 28 May 2008

MAINLY ME (and the Head Gardener)

My selection of gloves for all occassions!!!
Night security patrol

"Steptoe" with Remarkables in background.

" Steptoe"

My domain, the rubbish recycle centre.

Still putting my truck driving skills to good use.

Shades of "Lady Chatterley", my lover the head gardener.

St Peter's after Wednesday morning Communion

After Communion coffee group.

Friday, 16 May 2008


Bye bye Wanaka from the top of Mt Iron.

Unfortunately as much as we liked Wanaka what we were told by our employers and reality were somewhat quite different so we decided to move on in the interest of our bank balance.

Queenstown has been totally the opposite with us drawing a very good income from employers who we enjoy working for and appreciate the skills we bring with us.

Eager to go and ready and waiting for work.

Our Queenstown home

The view from our "lounge". Beyond the trees is snow clad Coronet Peak although the snow has receded somewhat with the stunning weather we have been having.

This is our focus while we work to be up there with these guys. A couple more pay days and we will be.