Wednesday, 20 May 2009


We recently made a second trip to Bluff and then onto Stewart Island as we were determined to get to Ulva Island a sanctuary for native birds and plants. We were unable to do this on our first trip because of the weather but finally got there this time and it was well worth making the second effort.
The above is just out of Kingston on our way back to Queenstown which is a complete contrast to what you will see below but it was absolutley magic.
Heading into Kingston on our trip south

Hay all lined up and ready for feeding out

Tracks in the snow

Southern sheep

Bluff camp ground, council operated and runs on an honesty system through the winter.
A great park with good views.

Lunch stop at Athol

Nostalgia shot, the old Creamoata factory, Gore

"Taliskar", what we motored across from Stewart Island to Ulva Island on

Ulva Island

Stewart Island Robin, so tame, so cute.

Peter our Ulva Island guide. Note all the new plant life on a recently fallen tree, one of the definitions of a rain forest.

Contemplating the start of a rather large complimentary breakfast

Kaka flown in for a free feed with compliments of our hostess Jo

View from our room

Stewart Island Lodge, the long low building top centre.