Sunday, 18 November 2007

MURIWAI VALLEY (without the internet)

Well it has been a little while since the last post but sometimes with rural living even with the best technology the internet just can't be found so as a consequence no blog postings. My Love had to pick up and send emails from school each day.
We spent three weeks here while the owners were having a family holiday on the Gold Coast.
Our responsibilities on the 10 acres ranged from looking after free range chooks, hence eggs that tasted like eggs, to keeping an eye on the last of of a flock of pregnant ewes (see new arrival above). Fortunately birthing assistance was not required by me!!
Last weekend we moved to our last housesit, again on 10 acres which lasts for 3 months before heading up to the Far North to catch up on family and friends after which we will head to the South Island to work when neccesary and play until we get sick of it.

In the meantime Julie, the best tenant in the world, has decided to move on from our bach at Snells Beach so we have taken the opportunity to spend the odd weekend up there doing a bit of repairs and mantainence before new tenants move in.

You can look foward to hearing about our last Auckland domicile before the great South Island adventure begins on my next post.