Tuesday, 19 February 2008


"Truck Inn Too" had a day in at Traillite getting a few minor things tweaked and changed before we head North and then move down to the South Island.

We took advantage of this by setting off in "Towa" (the car) and visiting Awhitu Regional Park and then driving on out to the recently restored South Head Signal Station. On the way back to Pukekohe we called into Orua Bay, and also Wattle Bay with the last stop being Grahams Beach. Orua easily took the prize of being the best beach.

We then stayed the night onsite in the truck at Traillite as there was still a little more work to do the following day.

Sunday, 10 February 2008


One still warm sunny recent summers morning there was a faint roaring sound from above and looking skyward there was one very large hot air balloon manouvering above and then completing a successful landing in one of the paddocks on the 10 acre block we are presently residing on.

After a chat to interested onlookers the half dozen or so occupants packed the balloon and basket into the support vehicle that arrived on the property soon after the landing and then were off to a nearby cafe for a champagne breakfast.

Coincidentally this was the same balloon that we had flown in at Easter last year.