Thursday, 27 August 2009


We spent a pleasant hour or so strolling around the Oamaru Public Gardens enjoying the South Island's blue sky and sunshine.

Tuesday, 25 August 2009


Me & a big bird, a royal albatross who have about a 3metre wing span.
Although there were 32 nests when we visited the Royal Albatross Centre at the end of the Otago Peninsula we were only able to see 3 chicks (yes that is a chick) but no adults as they were all away at sea fishing.

The entrance to the Otago Harbour from the Fort Taiaroa observation post.

This fort was established in 1885 as a result of a threat of war between Russia and Britain and used right up until the 2nd World War.

A soldiers view from the observation post.

Looking for the enemy.

The way to all the action which never really happened. Although there were over 500 firings from the fort all were for practice only.

One of the gun racks in the series of tunnels in the fort.

The 18 ton, 6 inch, breech loading disappearing gun tucked safely away below the surface.
A one minute cycle between rounds.

The business end of the six inch disappearing gun

Six inch colour coded shells.

The road in & out, Otago Peninsula. DOC buildings.

An added bonus to the day, frolicking sea lions in Pilots Bay.

Saturday, 22 August 2009


We recently had a couple of outings to enjoy the North Otago winter sunshine and environment by going up to the lookout overlooking Oamaru and then the following day going down to the foreshore to watch the waves crashing over the harbour breakwater. This was a relatively calm day so goodness knows what it would be like when the sea is up!

Wednesday, 19 August 2009


Our house for a month. Note the blossom on the trees.
Number 11

Path up to gate, garage is on road frontage to right.

Main entrance.

View from bottom of section.

View from our room, Town Hall clock & St Lukes Steeple can be seen.

The first room you enter is where the owner plies her trade as a hatmaker. Raewyn has been using it to do her quilting.


Dining looking into lounge.

Christchurch guests.

Dining room, note Thomas the cat!


Upstairs to bathroom

Our Room

Master Bedroom

3rd Bedroom

Monday, 17 August 2009


Cantabrian visitors prepare to take on Otago territory.

The Cantabrians are the ones looking apprehensive.

Graves Track

Home for dozens of Spotted Shags.

Nest building Spotted Shags.

Spotted Shag

Winter sun over the port breakwater.

Historic precinct, Oamaru

Oamaru Port

Elevator went from ground to top (3rd) floor.

Wool & Grain Store

Wool & Grain Store

Whisky Bar & Cafe in the old Wool & Grain Store.

St Luke's Anglican Church from the top floor of the Wool & Grain Store.

The top (3rd) floor of the old Wool & Grain store.

Missy's Dream

A very appropriate mode of transport.

Coffee break with two very welcome weekend visitors from Christchurch. Their Red Cross parcels are top rate!

Union Bank of Australia

Looking North down the West side of Thames St.

Bank of New South Wales

Thames St Bridge. Was the widest bridge in the Southern Hemisphere until the Sydney Harbour Bridge was built.

Criterion Hotel

An Oamaru investment (perhaps). The grey house with its white chimney directly below the needle tree on the horizon.