Wednesday, 24 December 2008


Pre Christmas lunch hosted by big brother.
Mum, as we leave Kaitaia.


St John the Baptist church, Waimate North

We leave Nana with her roses.

Parked over at the bach.

A big feed of kai moana at the cuzzies place.

Tui Glen Park Over Property

A credit to the Auckland Area NZMCA

Makatote Viaduct

Foxton Beach

Our early a.m. view Waterlea Racecourse park over property, Blenheim

Waiting to board the "Santa Regina" Bluebridge Ferries.

Lots of froth, Kaikoura coast.

Taking photos Kaikoura coast.

From the back of Bob & Karren's 1000 acre property, Waikari (note "Truck" parked next to homestead in centre of picture).

Travelling from Waikari to Christchurch

Peacock, Oamaru Gardens

Bandstand Oamaru Gardens

Yellow Eyed Pengiuns at Oamaru where we also saw the little Blue Penguin coming ashore at another point along the coast but were not allowed to take photos as the flash distracts them.

Viewing path and hide (note penguins in front of crowd left of picture).

Toilet Block

Lake Benmore

Benmore Dam & Lake

Monday, 15 December 2008

NORTH TO KAITAIA (from Queenstown)

Mt Cook

Mackenzie Country

Mackenzie's dog


Hinds River picnic spot.

Kaikoura Seaward Ranges

Rookery at seal colony along the Kaikoura Coast.

Kaikoura Coast.
South Island CobMt Taranaki

Mt Ngauruhoe
Auckland City from the North Western Motorway.

Auckland Area Christmas dinner.
"Crocs" Lady
Two Grandkids.
One father and three grandkids.



Santa Claus gifts.
Daughter and dance floor.
"My love" and her Mum.

Me and My Mum.

Mums "Cabin"

Grandma's booze stash!